Marine HF deck mount antenna, 3-piece, suits larger vessels, 1.6-30MHz, requires A.T.U., 2kW P.E.P. 2.1dBi – 10m

Marine HF deck mount antenna, 3-piece, 1.6-30 MHz, requires A.T.U., 2kW P.E.P., 2.1 dBi, requires 1429 base - 10m

Product code: HM300

The HM300 is a free-standing, marine HF radio 1.6-30MHz, heavy-duty 3-piece vertical radiator, specifically designed for larger vessels or structure/tower installations. Please note a 1429 heavy-duty deck mount base is required. The HM300 vertical radiator requires an Automatic Tuning Unit or A.T.U. to both match as well as achieve the stated performance levels. Performance and bandwidith will be determined by the function of your A.T.U. The 3-piece construction will require assembly, utilising basic hand tools, threadlocker or equivalent can be applied to ferrule joins to reduce movement. Due to the size, weight and loading of the HM300 vertical radiator, please check the structural capacity of your structure or fixing location, and ensure adequate fixing of your mounting is achieved. A regular maintenance check of your mounting hardware should be undertaken, as well as after any adverse weather.



1.6-30 MHz - HF and Marine HF


The Automatic Tuning Unit A.T.U. will determine bandwidth


2.1 dBi


Requires suitable Automatic Tuning Unit (A.T.U)


ATU required for 50 Ohms

H Plane beamwidth

H Plane: 360° omnidirectional ; E Plane: 100°

Maximum Power

2kW P.E.P.




3-Piece white fibreglass, stainless steel ferrules and stainless steel mounting section.


6 metres of HV cable, suitable for direct connection into A


Height: 10m assembled ; 3.7m packed, Mount section dia: 59.1

Weight (kg)

24 kg

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