Microwave link STL mini grid-pack, aluminium, 570-670MHz, N-type female, 100W, 14.8dBi – 1.2m

STL link mini grid-pack, aluminium, 570-670 MHz, N-type female, 100W, 23° beamwidth, 14.8 dBi - 1.2m

Product code: MGP-4650N

The MGP-4650N UHF gridpack is an ideal solution for long distance, narrowband or difficult terrain UHF links, between transmission sites where space on the tower is at a premium. The MGP-4650N UHF STL link is terminated with a N-type female connector, fitted to 400mm of RU400 low loss coaxial cable and allows for a maximum power rating of 100 Watts. The MGP-4650N Grid pack antennas gain performance mid band is 14.8dBic ideal for narrow long distance links. The MGP-4650N mini grid pack antenna is a flat-pack design for easier storage and delivery, assembly is required on site.



570-670 MHz - UHF


Full frequency range stated - 100 MHz


14.8 dBi - nominal

Maximum Power

100 Watts


50 Ohms - nominal

HE Plane

H Plane: 22°; E Plane: 23°


Mount Horizontal or Vertical as required


Multi-piece aluminium rear screen, launcher unit and mounting hardware


N-type female fitted to 400mm RU400 low loss


Factory at better than 1.5:1 VSWR


Diameter: 1.2m (4')

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