Naval SPEC VHF Monocone, 316 stainless steel – 135-175MHz, weather sealed N-female, 500W, 0dBd – 1.3m

Ruggedised broadband VHF monocone, 316 stainless steel, 135-175 MHz, weather sealed N-type female, 500W, 0 dBd - 1.3m

Product code: M56SS-MIL-VHF40

Designed and manufactured for the most extreme conditions the M56SS-MIL-VHF40 ruggedised VHF high band monocone antenna is suited for mounting into locations where our standard B56SS VHF high band mononcone's design isn't suitable, such as naval vessels or locations where extreme adverse weather is experienced such as remote locations. The N-type female is weather sealed inside a protective PVC cover with an external cable gland to seal the cable. ZCG recommend mounting the M56SS-MIL-VHF40 as high on your structure or vessel as possible using 2 or 3 x EB1-SS parallel mount clamps, 1 x UB3-SS parallel plate mount clamp or 2 or 3 x NSM-218 toughened nylon wall/side mount brackets.



135-175 MHz - High band VHF


Full frequency range stated - 40 MHz


0 dBd - unity

Maximum Power

100 Watts


50 Ohms - nominal

HE Plane

H Plane: 360° omnidirectional, E Plane: 65°




Grey PVC radome, 316 grade stainless steel radials, mount section and weather sealed termination


Weather sealed N-type female


Factory at <1.5:1 at centre, <1.8:1 at edges


Height: 1.3m, Width: 500mm, Mount section dia: 38.1mm

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