Omni-directional VHF collinear, white, 148-174MHz, specify 3%, 250W, 6dBd – 5.6m

Omnidirectional VHF high band collinear, white, 148-174 MHz, specify 3%, 250W, N-type female, 6 dBd - 5.6m

Product code: G22

The G22 omni-directional VHF collinear antenna is designed for commercial paging, trunking and general commincation systems operating within the VHF high band 148-174 MHz frequency range. Constructed with high quality internal components the G22 VHF high band collinear antenna is the ideal long service life RF solution for simplex or duplex systems used in commercial, emergency services or military applications. ZCG recommend mounting the G22 VHF collinear antenna as high as possible on your structure or tower using 2 x UAM180L parallel mount clamps or 2 x UAM90L right-angle mount clamps.



148-174 MHz - VHF high band


Specify any 3% bandwidth with frequency range when ordering


6 dBd


Factory at 1.5:1 VSWR


50 Ohms

H Plane beamwidth

360° omnidirectional @ 3dBd

E Plane beamwidth

16° @ 3dBd

Maximum Power

250 Watts



PIM 3rd Order (2x20W)

<120 dBc

DC grounded



2-piece white fibreglass radome, anodised aluminium mount section and extneral tri-metal plated termination


N-type female fitted to base of mount section


Height: 5.6m at 148 MHz, Mount section Dia: 48.4mm

Weight (kg)

13 kg

Wind Load 160kph

19.0kg, 0.19kN

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