Radome enclosed upper 4G/3G 9 element Yagi, 1900-2170 MHz, N-type female, 25W, 11.3 dBi – 300mm

Upper 4G/3G 9 element radome enclosed Yagi, 1.9-2.17 GHz, 25W, N-type female, 200mm cable, 11.3 dBi - 300mm

Product code: Y2009

The Y2009 upper 4G/3G wireless data radome enclosed Yagi can be used for directional transmit and receive applications across the full upper 4G/3G frequency range 1900 to 2170MHz. This Yagi is useful for improving both mobile phone reception and wireless data or as a highly directional point-to-point receive or transmit antenna. The radome enclosed design improves life-span of the antennas as well as ensuring the internals are free from damage from birds, falling debris and high winds. Mount in the vertical orientation to improve 4G signal strength



1900-2170 MHz - Upper 4G/3G


Full frequency range stated - 270MHz


11.3 dBi

Maximum Power

25 Watts


50 Ohms

HE Plane

H Plane: 36°, E Plane: 43°


Mount horizontal or vertical as required


White fibreglass radome and aluminium mounting plate


N-type female fitted to 200mm RG142


Factory at 1.6:1 VSWR


Length: 300mm, Diameter: 90mm, Mount pole capability: 30-50m

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