UHF/5G cross/slant polarised panel with enclosure, white, 3.3-3.8GHz, N-type female, +/- 45° 19dBi, 50W – 320mm

UHF/5G X-polarised panel with enclosure, 3.3-3.8GHz, +/- 45°, 50W, N-type female, 19dBi per plane - 320mm

Product code: ZP-1935RE-XP

The ZP-1935RE-XP slant or cross polarised panel is suitable for UHF or 5G applications within the 3.3-3.8GHz frequency range in both the +45° and -45° planes. The panel comes fitted with adjustable mounting hardware on the rear of the panel. ZCG recommend mounting the panel as high on your structure or tower as possible using the attached mounting hardware. This model has a rear mounted enclosure.



UHF/5G 3.3-3.8GHz


Full frequency range stated


19dBi each plane


Factory at 1.5:1 VSWR - typical, maximum 1.8:1 VSWR


50 Ohm

H Plane beamwidth

H Plane: 18°, E Plane: 18°

Maximum Power

50 Watts


+45° and -45° slant/cross polarised


UV protected ABS radome, aluminium back screen, rear enclosure and adjustable mounting bracket


N-type female in rear of panel


Height: 320mm, Width: 320mm, Depth: 75mm

Weight (kg)

2.5 kg

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