UHF CB Radio detachable antenna, black – 477MHz, 5m cable, UHF Male, 100W, 6.6dBi – 1.2m

UHF CB Radio detachable antenna, black, 477 MHz, 100W, UHF male PL259, 5m cable, 6.6 dBi - 1.2m

Product code: ZN3-77-11B

The ZN3-77-11B detachable high gain UHF CB Radio antenna offers a good balance between size and effective gain which is well suited for either mildly hilly terrain or flat country. The detachable design of the ZN3-77-11B 477MHz antenna allows for removal of the antenna when damage/vandalism may occur or when not in use. Removal of the ZN3-77-11B vehicle UHF 477MHz antenna is as easy as releasing the locking grub screw and unscrewing the antenna top. Ensure to install the PVC cap on the exposed spring base connector to stop dirt/water ingression into the termination face. Alternatively you can fit our smaller profile ZN3-77-06 unit gain UHF CB whip for low gain, hilly or CBD terrain.



477 MHz - UHF CB Radio


476.4125 - 477.4125 MHz - all 40/80 channels


6.6 dBi

Maximum Power

100 Watts


50 Ohms

HE Plane

H Plane: 360° omnidirectional




Black fibreglass radome, aluminium ferrule, stainless steel spring and cable base


FME Female fitted to cable for ease of installation FME to


Factory at 1.5:1 VSWR


Height: 1.2m, Mount hole requirements: 13mm

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