UHF Digital TV vertical polarised panel, 520-700MHz, N-type female, 250W, 10.5dBd – 1.1m

UHF Digital TV vertical polarised panel, 520-694MHz, 250W, N-type female, power divider, 10.5dBd - 1.1m

Product code: ZUVP

The ZUVP is a vertical polarised broadband panel covering channel 27-51, 520-694 MHz within UHF TV band IV and V. The ZUVP broadband UHF TV panel is an enclosed radome construction design resulting in the internals being protected from any environmental conditions or possible damage and provide a reliable long service life in comparison to an exposed antenna. The ZUVP UHF TV panel antenna includes a broadband power divider on the rear panel with a N-type female input termination, a medium powered model ZUVP-MP UHF TV panel antenna is also available with a 7/16" DIN female termination. For horizontal polarised requirements please see the ZUHP horizontal polarised UHF TV panel.



520-694 MHz - UHF Digital TV Channel 27-51 within band IV an


Full frequency range stated - 174 MHz


10.5 dBd - nominal

Maximum Power

250 Watts per bay


50 Ohms - nominal

HE Plane

H Plane: 60°; E Plane: 30°


Vertical - for horizontal pol. see ZUHP


White fibreglass radome, aluminium back screen and mounting and rear mounted power divider


Power Divider Input: N-type female, higher power models avai


Factory at better than 1.2:1 VSWR


Height: 1.1m, Width: 500mm, Depth: 250mm

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