UHF STL grid-pack, aluminium, 820-960MHz, N-type female, 100W, 22.2dBi – 1.8m  AMCA No. 13459

STL link 2-piece grid-pack, aluminium, 820-960 MHz, 100W, N-type female, 10° beamwidth, 22.2 dBi - 1.8m AMCA No. 13459

Product code: MGP-6850N

The MGP-6850N is specifically designed for UHF link applications using the 800 MHz band . Suitable for studio to broadcast location links, long distance or line-of-sight requirements. The MGP-6850N is a 3 piece design consisting of a 2-piece rear screen designed for minimal wind loading whilst maintaining a high front-to-back, narrow signal propogation as well as high cross-polarisation discrimination, The rear screen mounting hardware allows for mechanical tilt adjustment utilising the bottom mount threaded adjustment bolts.



820-960 MHz - UHF, including STL 850 MHz


Full frequency range stated - 140 MHz


22.2 dBi - mid band

Maximum Power

100 Watts


50 Ohms

HE Plane

H Plane: 10°; E Plane: 12°


Mount horizontal or vertical, utilising mounting brackets


2-piece welded aluminium rear screen, detachable launcher unit and mounting hardware


N-type female jack located in rear of launcher, no cable


Factory at 1.5:1 VSWR


Diameter: 1.8m / 6'

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