VHF DAB Radio 4-stack dipole array, Low P.I.M.

VHF DAB Radio 4-stack dipole array, aluminium, 205 MHz, P.I.M. <-120dBc, 250W, N-type female, single cable, 7 dBd - 4.6m

Product code: S4B205-1C-X

The S4B205-1C-X is a 4-stack phaed dipole array tuned for VHF 205MHz with a 10MHz bandwidth. Terminated with 1 coaxial cable exiting from the base of the antenna through a cable sealant gland, alternate models with dual top & bottom configuration can be requested see S4B205-2C-X. Down tilt can be requested for specific applications, please request this on your purchase order. Alternative frequencies within 174-230MHz with a specified 10MHz bandwidth can be request and will incur a variance to spec charge. Mounting the S4B205-1C-X is capable in multiple configurations depending on your installation location/requirements. Dual base mounted utilising mounting clamps is the standard, the S4B205-1C-X can also be mounted with mounting clamps at the top and bottom for side of tower or structure installation.



205 MHz / 174-230 MHz - VHF or DAB Radio


Centred at 205 MHz or specify 10 MHz within 174-230 MHz


7 dBd


Factory at better than 1.5:1 VSWR


50 Ohms

H Plane beamwidth

H Plane: 185°, E Plane: 16°

Maximum Power

250 Watts




Welded aluminium boom, 4 x dipoles, external RG213 coaxial cable and termination


N-type female fitted to single cable tail as standard or spe


Height: 4.6m excl. 300mm lightning finnial

Weight (kg)

20 kg

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