VHF sidemount dipole, aluminium, 174-230MHz, N-type female, 250W, 0dBd – 670mm

VHF sidemount dipole, aluminium, 174-230 MHz, 250W, N-type female, 1m cable, 0 dBd - 670mm

Product code: B205B

The B205B VHF dipole antenna is designed for use as a VHF Band III or low powered DAB Radio sidemount dipole, the B205B is manufactured for 174-230 MHz at 1.5:1 VSWR. For 1.2:1 broadcast standard DAB Radio see our B205BSS broadband VHF sidemount dipole. Stacking the B205B broadband VHF dipole antenna in a phased array or stacked array formation will increase gain and give a more directional signal propogation, a stacked array configuration will require a power divider or phasing harness along with branch feeder cables. Consult ZCG on your specific RF solution.



174-230 MHz - VHF band III or DAB+ Radio


Full frequency range stated - 56 MHz


0 dBd


Factory at 1.5:1 VSWR


50 Ohms

H Plane beamwidth

H Plane: semi-omnidirectional

Maximum Power

250 Watts


Vertical - ensure drain hole faces down


Corrosion resistant aluminium dipole + stand-off, RG213 cable and termination


N-type female fitted to 1.0m external cable


Dipole height: 670mm, Stand-off: 1.0m


2 kg

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