White fibreglass single tension strut kit suits Y200/Y300 series – incl. mounting – 2.0m

White fibreglass, single tension strut kit to suit Y200/Y300 series Yagi, incl. mounting - 2.0m

Product code: YS1-23

The YS1-23 is a single tension strut kit, designed for mounting above your Y100 or Y200 series round boom Yagi antenna. The strut consists of a fibreglass main support with stainless steel 'lug' connection ends. The 2 x UV1-SS parallel mounting components supplied with the kit are suitable for 30-52mm diameter mounting pole and Yagi antenna boom. For high wind locations ZCG recommmend using a YS2-23 dual tension strut kit with support bracing to greatly reduce possible mechanical tilt or movement. Please note: the YS1-23 strut kit does not include Yagi to mount pole mount clamp, this must be ordered separately.



Tension - from above


White fibreglass strut, 304 stainless steel lugs, 304 stainless steel mounting components


Strut length: 2.0 metres, Mounting capability: 30-52mm

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