Technical Consultancy

Designing the best antenna broadcast system to properly reach your intended audience can often be difficult. ZCG Scalar have a range of consultancy services available to assist you in making the correct decision.


Can ZCG Scalar help me design my antenna array ?

ZCG Scalar is able to advise on which antennas will suit your specific needs. For situations where more complex engineering is involved, ZCG can offer the following :

  • Antenna coverage prediction.
  • Special antenna array design and testing.
  • Product modifications to suit needs.
  • On-site consultancy.

A recent project within ZCG, custom built for a site in Wollongong.dscn01411

Please note that a fee may apply for these services.

What is a coverage prediction ?

A coverage prediction involves running a computer simulation that uses digital topography maps to predict the affect of surrounding landscape on a broadcast signal.

Simply put it creates an estimate of signal strength at different instances from a broadcast site taking into account the surrounding landscape.


How accurate are coverage predictions ?

Like any predictions there are limitations, but they are accurate enough to be used as a guide. The only way to generate an actual coverage map is to perform a Field Strength Survey.

For more information please contact the Technical Services Division.