ZCG’s range of RF solutions also require the correct installation access to ensure secure mounting, protection from environmental damage such as birds and falling debris as well. ZCG believe that a quality RF solution not only includes a high-quality antenna, coaxial cable, filter or multicouplers, it should also include a high-quality, low maintenance mounting bracket, cable clamp, antenna strut or brace and sign warning signs.

Ensuring your antennas installation accessories are the highest quality and fit for purpose will ensure the life of your RF system will be low-maintenance and less likely for faults during adverse conditions.

ZCG’s range of installation accessories also include non-conductive debeglass and Parafil™ guy wire. This can be utilised for mast or tower guy wires or as a cable strut for antennas, RF components securing or even as structural supports for roofing, guard rails or even in maritime applications.

With longer high gain antennas ZCG’s recommend the use of a support strut kit/support brace to ensure your RF antenna installation position and orientation is retained during any adverse weather or conditions. Our Victorian based manufacturing facility manufactures all of our strut kits/support braces and these lengths and termination angles or termination types can be custom altered to suit your application.

At your transmission site RF Warning Signs should be present to identify to all users/workers about the hazardous areas around the site to comply with Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) regulations. Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) standards and AS1319-1994 (Standards Australia 1994). ZCG’s range of RF Warning signs are available in either Colourbond™ steel construction or flexible, UV resistant PVC depending on your mounting requirements. ZCG can custom print site signage to include site name, location, co-ordinates, emergency contacts or any requirements for warning or standard signage.

Australian made antennas for all conditions

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