1-5/8″ 50 Ohm flexible foam dielectric coaxial cable – per metre

1-5/8" flexible, corrugated shielded, foam PE dielectric, helical copper conductor, coaxial cable, DC-2.8 GHz, 50 Ohms - per metre

Product code: ZCG1580

Our ZCG1580 is known on the market as 1-5/8" flexible foam dielectric coaxial cable, our ZCG1580 1-5/8" cable has specifications and attenuation performance to match or surpass all other brands of 1-5/8" corrugated shielded, foam dielectric, helical copper conductor, coaxial cable. Utilised in broadcast systems as high power feeder cables or for any system that requires a low loss, high power capable coaxial cable. ZCG can custom manufacture a 1-5/8" coaxial cable terminated with your specific connector requirements for a plug-and-play solution.



DC to maximum 2.8 GHz


0.8-1 GHz: 1.13:1 ; 1.7-2.2 GHz: 1.13:1; 2.2-2.7 GHz: 1.15:1


50 Ohms - nominal

Maximum Power

16,900W at 100 MHz


Helical copper conductor, foam PE dielectric, corrugated copper shielding and black PE jacket


Wide range suitable including 7/16" DIN and EIA flanged or unflanged


Jacket: 49.5mm, Shielding: 46.5mm, Dielectric: 42.8mm, Conductor: 17.4mm

Weight - kg

1.06kg per metre - excluding connectors

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