2-way white fibreglass tension strut kit suits Y4/ Y6/ Y8 series Yagi – incl. mounting

2-way white fibreglass tension strut kit suits Y4/ Y6/ Y8 series Yagi, incl. mounting - 1.5m struts

Product code: YS2-48

The YS2-48 dual tension-style strut support kit suits all of ZCG's range of Y400 UHF Yagi antenna, Y700 4G LTE Yagi antenna and Y800 Mobile phone Yagi antenna in our square boom 25mm RHS construction. The YS2-48 strut support includes the strut-to-Yagi mount, strut to pole mount and spreader bar. Please note the kit does not include the Yagi antenna to pole mounting clamp, this must be ordered separately to suit your requirements, contact us directly for assistance for compatible Yagi mounting clamps.



Tension style - strut above antenna mounting with spreader bar


Solid fibreglass core tension struts, anodised aluminium spreader bar and 304 stainless steel mounting hardware


Strut Length: 1.5m ; Spreader bar: 800mm ; Yagi Mount: suits 25mm RHS; Strut pole clamp: 30-52mm

Weight - kg


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