Heavy-duty 27 MHz HF fibreglass whip, white, 50W, 5/16″-26 brass female thread, 2.1 dBi – 1.5m

27 MHz HF heavy-duty fibreglass whip, white, 27 MHz, 50W, 5/16"-26 brass female thread, 2.1 dBi - 1.5m

Product code: ZN5-27-15W

The ZN5-27-15W HF fibreglass whip antenna is suitable for land HF CB communications using the 27 MHz frequency allocation. The ZN5-27-15W HF whip is suitable for either mobile or fixed position mounting for HF communications. Mount the ZN5-27-15W 27MHz whip antenna as high as possible to ensure a true omnidirectional 360 degree signal propogation and receive capability. Suitable mount bases for the ZN5-27-15W are the OB-4.7-W mount base terminated with coaxial cable.

27 Mhz CB Radio fibreglass vehicle whip antenna
27 MHz CB Radio fibreglass whip antenna base ferrule
27MHz HF CB radio whip antenna red identification cap
HF CB radio fibreglass whip antenna 27 MHz HD ferrule



27 MHz - HF land CB Radio


26.965-27.395 MHz - including 27.065 MHz emergency channel


2.1 dBi


Factory at 1.5:1 VSWR


50 Ohms

H Plane beamwidth

360° omnidirectional ± 0.5 dBd

Maximum Power

50 Watts




White heatshrink covered coil wound fibreglass whip with chrome plated brass mount ferrule


5/16"-26 brass female thread in mount ferrule


Height: 1.5m, Mount thread: 5/16"-26 brass female thread

Weight - kg


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