3-1/8″ EIA FM radio fine matcher, 87.5-108 MHz, 3-1/8″ EIA input/output, 50 Ohms, 20kW – 602mm

3-1/8" EIA FM radio fine matcher, 87.5-108 MHz, 3-1/8" EIA input/output, 50 Ohms, 20kW - 602mm

Product code: FM-318

The FM-318 3-1/8" EIA fine matcher is designed to tune in FM arrays to enhance the return loss/VSWR utilising the tunable stub lines to allow slight changes in impedance matching to eliminate high VSWR ensuring your FM broadcast system is working efficiently whilst saving power and overwork of your transmitter or antenna/s. The FM-318 should be installed into your main cable feeder run to tune the entire antenna array.



87.5-108 MHz - FM Radio


Impedance match to centre frequency


Factory and/or on-site once installed into coaxial feeder cable


50 Ohms

Maximum Power

20 Kilowatts - max input


Install in orientation identified by labels on unit - top/bottom


Powdercoated brass outer body, machined brass internals, PTFE insulators, 1-5/8" joining bullet and machined PVC protective caps


3-1/8" EIA flanged input and output -> install orientation using adhered labels


Length: 602mm, Connector face dia: 127mm

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