Right-angle UHF female cable assembly – 4.7m MIL-SPEC RG58A/U, UHF Male

4.7 metre RG58A/U right-angle UHF female cable mount base assembly, UHF male PL259 supplied, not fitted

Product code: RA-4.7

The RA-4.7 right-angle UHF female cable mount base is suitable for mounting any antenna with a UHF male termination such as the GID-400-QF series or GRH-TPM in either a vehicle mount or fixed position location. The RA-4.7 4.7 metre cable mount base has 4.7 metres of RG58A/U stranded with a UHF Male PL259 solderless connector supplied, not fitted. Mount the RA-4.7 cable mount base with a minimum 16mm hole or appropriate bracket with a 16mm hole such as the MRM-SS mirror mount bracket..



Suits VHF or UHF capabilities


No tuning required, trim cable to required length prior to fitting UHF male connector.


50 Ohms


Base to antenna: Right angle ; Cable to device: straight


Nickel plated right-anf UHF female connector, 4.7m MIL-SPEC RG58A/U stranded core coaxial cable, UV stabilised glueshrink and supplied nickel plated UHF male connector


Right-angle antenna base: UHF female ; Cable Termination: UHF male PL259 supplied, not fitted


Cable: 4.7 metres, Right-angle UHF hole requirement: min. 16mm

Weight - kg


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