OB base and cable, black, 75 Ohm, AM/FM radio connector, 4.7m cable

4.7 metre RG59 OB base cable mount base, black, 75 Ohm, Car radio male plug to FME male plug straight adaptor, 5/16"-26 brass male thread

Product code: OB-4.7-75

The OB-4.7-75 is a 75 Ohm car AMFM radio base and cable assembly and can be used with any AM/FM radio receive whip with a 5/16"-26 brass female thread such as the SM39-DAB DAB, digital TV and AMFM radio receive vehicle whip. The OB-4.7-75 vehicle mount AMFM base is suitable for all radio systems that are 75 Ohm in impedance, check the rear information panel on your radio to see if compatible. Alternatively, the OB-4.7-75 can be utilised as a fixed position mount base, utilise the centre wire to connect to one input terminal on the rear of your radio and the braid to the other.



AM/FM radio receive only


Receive only




75 Ohms


OB-2 base, 4.7 metres RG59 and termination


Car radio male plug to FME male plug straight adaptor supplied, not fitted


Cable Length: 4.7 metres

Weight - kg


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