White AM/FM radio receive marine deck mount antenna – solderless radio connector, receive only – 2.4m

Omnidirectional AM/FM radio receive marine deck mount antenna, white, Car radio male plug to FME male plug adaptor, 4.5m RG58A/U, receive only - 2.4m

Product code: ZM24-AMFM

The ZM24-AMFM marine AMF/FM radio recieve antenna is suitable for mounting to your vessel to improve AM/FM radio while at sea. We recommend mounting your ZM24-AMFM FM radio boat antenna utilising our MM1 white toughened nylon fold down base or MM2 316 grade stainless steel fold down base available to order separately. The ZM24 range of marine antennas are all identical in appearance and are designed with marine vessel aesthetics in mind. Please note the ZM24-AMFM AM FM radio boat antenna will not receive signal where no signal is being transmitted, please check your communications authority for signal propogation and available radio stations.



AM Radio 530-1600 kHz and FM Radio 87.5-108 MHz


Receive only



H Plane beamwidth

360° omnidirectional ± 0.5 dBd - receive

Maximum Power

Receive only


Vertical, not tilted/leaning when in use, laid flat along vessel during trailered transit


White tapered fibreglass radome, chrome brass mount ferrule, 4.5m external white RG58 cable, connector and adaptor


FME female fitted to cable for ease of installation. FME male to AM/FM male adaptor supplied for coax to radio connection


Height: 2.4m, Mount thread: 1-1/4" UNS female

Weight - kg


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