Australian standard OB base, black – 5/16″-26TPI male thread, no cable

Australian standard OB mount base, black with 5/16"-26 brass male antenna mount thread, no cable or connector

Product code: OB-2

The OB-2 vehicle mount base is the Australian standard black OB base assembly. Coming standard with a 5/16"-26 brass male thread suitable for any whips with a 5/16"-26 brass female thread such as our CR36 AMFM radio receive whip, ZN1-77-04 UHF CB Radio whip or ZN5-27-12 27MHz CB radio whip. The OB-2 vehicle mount base is only the OB Base assembly with no coaxial cable or connectors, they will be required to be ordered seperately. Mounting an OB-2 mount base requires a 16mm holes or appropriate bracket with 16mm hole. The OB-2 can be utilised for vehicle mounting or fixed location mounting.



Vertical fitted to a flat horizontal surface


Black moulded outer, brass threaded internals with plastic insulator


5/16"-26 brass male thread


Mount hole requirements: Min. 16mm

Weight - kg


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