Broadband 4G LTE, 4G, 3G & 2G radome enclosed log periodic, 698-960 & 1710-2700MHz, 100W, 8dBi – 290mm

Broadband 4G LTE, 4G and WiFi radome enclosed log periodic antenna, 698-960 & 1710-2700 MHz, 100W, N-type female, 8 dBi - 290mm

Product code: LPY698-2700S

The LPY698-2700S enclosed log periodic covers the entire 4G LTE, 4G and 3G mobile phone networks in the UHF 698-960MHz and 1710-2700MHz frequency range. Coming standard with a N-type female fitted to a 200mm cable tail exiting from the rear of the antenna and a maximum power rating of 100W. Gain Performance of 8dBi all within an enclosed radome protecting the radiating elements from environmental damage. Mounting is supplied by the anodised aluminium mount bracket attached and 2 x 40-50mm diameter U-bolts.



698-960 & 1710-2700 MHz - dualband 4G/3G, ISM and WiFi/WLAN compatible


Full frequency ranges stated


8 dBi


Factory at 1.5:1 VSWR


50 Ohms

H Plane beamwidth

70°-90° - depending on frequency

E Plane beamwidth

85°-110° - depending on frequency

Maximum Power

100 Watts


Mount vertical, horizontal or ±45° slant as required


HIP ABS cream plastic radome, rear mounted anodised aluminium mount bracket and tilt adjustable U-bolts


N-type female on 200mm cable tail


Length: 290mm Width: 65mm, Height: 210mm

Weight - kg


Wind load at 160kph

Front: 1.653kg, 0.016kN ; Side: 7.377kg, 0.072kN

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