Cable assembly 1.2m ZCG1250, 7/16″ DIN male and N-Male fitted

Cable assembly 1.2m 1/2" corrugated shielded, foam dielectric coaxial cable, 7/16" DIN male and N-type male plug connectors fitted

Product code: CA101.2-S-N-DM-NM-E11

The CA101.2-S-N-DM-NM-E11 is a 1.2 metre 1/2" flexible, corrugated shielded, foam dielectric, solid conductor coaxial cable assembly, terminated with a 7/16" DIN male plug and N-type male plug connector. UV stabilised glueshrink is applied over the rear of the connector, additional waterproofing of amalgamation butyl rubber tape and PVC tape should be applied over connector join once installed.



50 Ohms - nominal


Tri-metal low P.I.M. terminations, UV stabilised glueshrink and coaxial cable


Interface: 7/16" DIN male and N-type male


Length: 1.2 metres

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