Cable assembly 20m RG214/U double braid shielded coaxial cable, N-type male plug connectors fitted both ends

Cable assembly 20m RG214/U dual braid shielded, stranded core cable, N-type male connector fitted to both ends

Product code: CA120-S-N-NM-NM-E4

The CA120-S-N-NM-NM-E4 is a RG214/U double braid shielded, solid PE dielectric, silver plated 7 stranded conductor coaxial cable assembly. Terminated with N-type male plug connectors on each end. UV stabilised glueshrink is applied over the rear of the connectors, additional water-proofing of amalgamation butyl rubber tape and PVC should be applied over connector join once installed.



DC to maximum 6 GHz




50 Ohms - nominal

Maximum Power

500 Watts


RG214/U stranded core, solid PE dielectric, dual braid shielded coaxial cable, UV stabilised glueshrink and tri-metal plated N-male connectors


N-type male / N-male connector fitted both ends


Length: 20 metres

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