Fibreglass single compression strut kit for Y415, Y615, Y815 series square boom Yagis, horizontal or vertical

Fibreglass single compression strut kit for Y4, Y6, Y8 series square boom Yagi antenna, horizontal or vertical - 1.6m strut

Product code: YS1-C48

The YS1-C48 single compression fibreglass strut kit is suitable for ZCG's Y415 series, Y615 series, Y715 series or Y815 series of square boom Yagi's. The YS1-C48 reduces the possiblility of mechanical downtilt due to excessive weight away from the mounting location as well as movement due to high winds or accidental movement. This kit includes the mounting hardware for the fibreglass strut, mounting for the struts onto the Yagi boom to ensure optimum spacing and optimum support capabilities.



Compression-style strut support - from beneath


Foam filled compression-style fibreglass strut with stainless steel terminations, stainless steel to-Yagi mount bracket and to-tower mount bracket


25mm x 25mm lug


Strut length: 1.6 metres ; Yagi compatibility: 25mm SHS ; Tower/mount capability: 30-52mm

Weight - kg


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