FM Radio coaxial 5-port switch panel, 7/8″ EIA, 5U – 16″ x 19″, 406 x 482mm

FM Radio coaxial 5-port switch panel, 7/8" EIA flanged and 7/8" EIA unflanged, 5RU - 16" x 19", 406 x 482mm

Product code: SP-2768-3

The SP-2769-3 is a 5-port switch panel for TX1,TX2, standby antenna and standby transmitter. The front interface consists of 5 x unflanged 7/8" EIA connectors with 7/8" EIA elbow joints for quick adjustment of your system. The rear panel consists of 5 x 7/8" EIA flanged terminations for input/output into your feeder lines. The rear connectors can be adjusted to suit the direction for your feeder lines.The SP-2768-3 comes fitted as standard with interlock switches.



FM radio 87.5-108MHz


Specify any 20MHz when ordering


Factory at better than 1.2:1 VSWR


50 Ohms - nomnial

Maximum Power

10 Kilowatts


Painted aluminium mount plate, chrome plated terminations, copper rigid line and PTFE insulators


1-5/8" EIA unflanged rigid line or flanged


Height: 1.342m, Width: 640mm, Depth: 600mm

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