Ground independent UHF CB elevated feed antenna, 477MHz, 25W, barrel spring, 6.6dBi – 950mm

Ground independent UHF CB elevated feed antenna, 477 MHz, barrel spring, 25W, UHF male PL259, 4.5m cable, 6.6 dBi - 950mm

Product code: ZN4-77-06

The ZN4-77-06 ground independent UHF CB mobile antenna is a elevated feed style which delivers excellent performance and medium gain mounted on a heavy duty 'barrel' stainless steel spring. The ZN4-77-06 UHF CB radio whip antenna is suitable for all radios available on the market with a UHF female SO-239 connection. Please note, fitting of the UHF male PL259 is required during installation.



477 MHz - UHF CB Radio


476.4125 - 477.4125 MHz - all 40/80 channels


6.6 dBi - suits mild hilly terrain to flat terrain


Factory at 1.5:1 VSWR


50 Ohms

H Plane beamwidth

360° omnidirectional ± 0.5 dBd

Maximum Power

25 Watts




Black coil wound fibreglass whip, black delrin and chrome elevated feed base, stainless steel barrel spring, 4.5m external RG58 cable, FME female connector and FME-UHF adaptor


FME female fitted to cable for ease of installation, FME male to UHF male PL259 adaptor supplied for secure coax to radio connection


Height: 950mm, Diameter: 45mm, Mount hole requirements: 13mm

Weight - kg


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