Magnetic base XB base cable assembly – 4.7m RG58A/U, 6mm thread – 105mm dia.

Magnetic base XB base cable assembly, 4.7m RG58A/U stranded cable, 6mm thread, no connector - 105mm dia.

Product code: MGB-XB

The MGB-XB magnetic mount base with XB base termination is suitable for short or long term installation on any magnetic metal surface. The MGB-XB magnetic antenna mount base is not supplied with a device end connector, this allows specific connector requirements to be sourced, please order seperately to suit your requirements. The MGB-XB magnetic vehicle antenna mount base comes with a paint protecting pad on the base and is suitable for any whip with a 6mm female thread in the base such as the M90T series of 4G cellular mobile phone whips or M70T 4G LTE cellular whip.



No tuning required, trim cable to requried length before fitting connector


50 Ohms


Mount your magnetic base so as to keep your fitted antenna in the optimum vertical polarisation.


Black powdercoated magentic base, cable assembly and black XB base


Magnetic Base: 6mm male thread ; Cable Termination: not supplied, order seperately to suit requirements


Magnetic base diameter: 105mm ; Cable Length: 4.7m

Weight - kg


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