Rugged VHF detachable collinear and NATO 6-hole/ US 4-hole base, 30-108MHz, BNC female,  2.1 dBi – 4.0m

Rugged MIL-SPEC VHF white detachable collinear and US 4-hole base, 20-120 MHz, BNC female, 2.1 dBi - 3.15m

Product code: CFD30108

The CFD80108 is a ruggedised 2-piece HF & VHF MIL-SPEC collinear antenna designed and constructed for extreme requirements such as on a military vehicles or heavy-duty off-road vehicles requiring HF and VHF communication capability. The CFD30108 MIL-SPEC antenna base is configured for US 4-hole installations, with an internal BNC female connector for easy, quick and reliable connection. The CFD30108 is supplied in unassembled (2-piece) collinear and base configuration, no tools are required for assembly, basic tools and securing hardware are required for installation.



20-120 MHz - HF and VHF


Full frequency range stated - 100 MHz


-4.0 to +2.1 dBi


Factory at maximum 3.5:1 VSWR


50 Ohms - nominal

H Plane beamwidth

360° omnidirectional ± 1 dBd

E Plane beamwidth

89° ± 1 dBd

Maximum Power

100 Watts




Rugged MIL-SPEC 2-piece detachable collinear, US 4-hole mount base with internal BNC female termination and rubber gasket


BNC female in base of US 4-hole mount base


Overall height incl. base: 3.15 metres, Base Hole Config: US 4-hole, Base footprint: 140mm

Wind load at 160kph

Rated for <150mph

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