Slip Coupling for 1-5/8″ Rigid Line, c/w 1 x hose clamp

Slip Coupling for 1-5/8" rigid line includes 2 x stainless steel worm drive clamp - nickel plated

Product code: A-8322

The A-8322 is a open access slip coupler for 1-5/8" EIA rigid line joining, additions or extensions. The A-8322 includes 2 x 27-51mm capable worm drives for compressing and securing the slip coupler. A flat head screw driver or 8mm spanner is required for installation ZCG recommend cleaning the A-8322 prior and once installed to ensure no contaminants or finger oils are present which may cause deterioation or arcing.



50 Ohms

Maximum Power

5 Kilowatts


Nickel plated brass slip coupler and stainless steel worm drives


Compatibility: 1-5/8" Rigid line


Length: 50mm

Weight - kg


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