UHF 15 element cross polarised Yagi, aluminium, 380-520MHz, 20MHz bandwidth, 14dBd – 2.5m

UHF 15 element circular polarised Yagi, aluminium, 380-520 MHz, 20 MHz bandwidth, 150W, N-type female, phasing harness, 14 dBd - 2.5m

Product code: Y415-CP

The Y415-CP high gain circular polarised UHF Yagi antenna is designed for UHF communications link applications within the UHF frequency range 380-520 MHz. A circular polarised Yagi produces a circular elliptical radiation pattern which reduces unwanted reflection and refraction of signals. This improves transmit and receive performance, particularly in hilly terrain or where there are trees, wire fencing or steel structures in the signal path. The Y415-CP UHF circular pol. Yagi must be installed with the dipole drain holes facing downwards to ensure any moisture ingression drains away.



380-520 MHz - UHF, TETRA and LMR compatible


Specify any 20 MHz within band


14 dBd - per plane


Factory at 1.5:1 VSWR


50 Ohms - nominal

H Plane beamwidth

50° @ 3 dBd - per plane

E Plane beamwidth

46° @ 3 dBd - per plane

Maximum Power

150 Watts


Right hand circular elliptical - RHCP

DC grounded



Welded corrosion resistant aluminium boom and dual-pol. elements, 2 x detachable folded dipoles, external coaxial phasing harness with nickel plated N-female input connectoe


N-type female input connector on coaxial phasing harness, or specify connector requirements


Length: 2.5m; Widest elements: 350mm, Boom: 25mm RHS

Weight - kg


Wind load at 160kph

15.4kg, 0.151kN

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