UHF Digital TV low power horizontal slot – 520-620MHz, CH 27-40, N-female, 200W, 9.5dBd – 3.9m

UHF Digital TV low power horizontal slot, 520-620 MHz, CH 27-40, 200W, N-type female, 350mm cable, 9.5 dBd - 3.9m

Product code: ZSL5262-LP

The ZSL5262-LP low power horizontal slot antenna features a solely horizontal radiation pattern with high gain performance at 9.5dBd. The ZSL5262-LP horizontal slot antenna is designed for omnidirectional UHF DTV broadcast within the 520-620MHz, channel 27-40 range. The ZSL5262-LP low power slot antenna is a reduced wind load and omnidirectional solution in comparison to a DTV panel solution and can be utilised by multiple transmitters. ZCG recommend utilising at minimum 2 x mount clamps to secure your ZSL-5262-LP horizontal slot with 60mm diameter capability such as our UAM180L parallel mount clamp.



520-620 MHz - UHF digital TV, Channel 27-40


Full frequency range stated - 100 MHz


9.5 dBd


Factory at better than 1.2:1 VSWR


50 Ohms - nominal

H Plane beamwidth


E Plane beamwidth

Maximum Power

200 Watts - Digital TV


Horizontal - Mount Vertically

DC grounded



White parallel radome, lightning finnial, welded heavy-duty aluminium mount section, 350mm external 1/2" coax cable and tri-metal plated N-female connector


N-female clamp connector fitted to 350mm external 1/2" flexible coaxial cable - ZCG1250


Height: 3.9m, Diameter: 250mm, Mount section: 600mm x dia. 60mm

Weight - kg


Wind load at 160kph

54.58kg, 0.535kN

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