VHF 6 element Yagi, aluminium, 40-69MHz, specify 2%, N-type female, 250W, 9dBd – 6.0m

VHF 6 element split boom Yagi, aluminium, 40-69 MHz, specify 2%, 250W, N-type female, 1.5m cable, 9 dBd - 6.4m

Product code: Y106

The Y106 6 element split boom VHF Yagi is designed and manufactured for the VHF frequency range 40 to 69MHz. ZCG strongly recommend mounting the Y106 using 1 x Y2300 and a strut support kit to ensure no mechanical tilt/movement of your Yagi occurs as well as stopping possible damage/bending due to overall length of the Yagi. Contact ZCG for advice on strut configurations to suit your installation location.



40-69 MHz - VHF band 1


Specify any 2% or transmit and receive on order


9 dBd


Factory at 1.5:1 VSWR


50 Ohms

H Plane beamwidth

50° @ 3 dBd

E Plane beamwidth

46° @ 3 dBd

Maximum Power

250 Watts


Mount horizontal or vertical as required


16 dB

DC grounded



2-piece anodised aluminium split boom and detachable elements, detachable aluminium folded dipole, 1.5m RG213 cable and nickel plated N-female connector


N-type female fitted to 1.5m external RG213 cable as standard, or specify connector requirements


Assembled Length: 6.4m , Packed boom length: 3.5m, Widest element: 3.7m, Boom dia: 48.4mm

Weight - kg


Wind load at 160kph

0.893kN ; 91.121kg - excluding mounting or strut

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