4-Way Scaled Power Divider, specify centre frequency, 25% bandwidth, -26 dB, 7/8″ EIA, 5kW

4-way scaled broadband power divider with tuning stub, specify centre frequency and 25% at -26 dB, 7/8" EIA, 5kW - incl. 3 x mount clamps

Product code: PD2-78784

The PD2-78784 broadband 4-way custom frequency power divider with fine tuning stub is designed to allow antennas to be mounted in a 4 stack phased array formation, whilst maintaining optimum VSWR and equal power splitting, ideal for broadcasters. The tuning stub allows for a fine tune to your specific frequency increasing the efficiency of your system. The PD2-78784 4-way power divider kit includes 3 x mount clamps to secure the entire power divider unit onto a 32-50mm mount pole. Ensure all terminations are watersealed using self-amalgamating butyl rubber tape and uPVC tape once installed to ensure the longevity of your RF system.



Specify centre frequency


Specify 25% bandwidth around C/F


Factory at 1.1:1 VSWR


50 Ohms - nominal

Maximum Power

5 Kilowatts - max. input


Install with single 7/8" EIA input connector facing down


Black powdercoat finish outer body, solid brass 2-stage inner lines, PTFE insulator supports, silver plated joining bullet - supplied with delrin protection caps


Input: 7/8" EIA flanged, Output: 4 x 7/8" EIA flanged

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