ZCG Invests in Renewable Energy for the Future


Production Roof Solar Panel Array

With energy costs rising and the cost of manufacturing on the increase, ZCG decided to reduce our reliance on greenhouse emission energy and move to renewable energy in the form of a solar panel array.

ZCG understands that a stance on climate change needs to be undertaken by all businesses to take whatever measures we can to ensure the environment is here for future generations. ZCG has always strived to be environmentally friendly, changing our CNC cutting fluid to environmentally friendly liquids, so no harm is done to our fauna and flora. We have reduced our energy needs by replacing outdated fluorescent lighting with modern low powered LED lighting throughout our manufacturing facility and office. We strive to reduce our waste into landfill by using all available recycling processes for our waste. We hope that all these small steps and steps in the future will reduce our impact on the local and wider environment.

ZCG Roof with Solar Array

ZCG Roof with Solar Array

With ZCG manufacturing happening between the hours of 7.30am – 3.30pm we understood that this is when the sun is shining and at its strongest, so why not use this to our advantage and use a free source of energy to power our facility during these hours THE SUN! During these hours ZCG will not be reliant on outdated technology of burning fossil fuels to power our facility, but our solar array on the roof of our facility covers all our energy needs from our CNC machines, lighting down to our administration computers.

Being a business, the government incentives to install a renewable source of energy and reduce our reliance on fossil fuel is minimal. ZCG took it upon itself to invest in renewable energy and assist in protecting the environment and the air we breathe. With the added benefit for you our customers in allowing ZCG to halt price increases due to rising energy costs.

ZCG believes that with little steps within all Australian businesses, we can reduce our Carbon Footprint as a nation and ensure that this wonderful country of ours stays beautiful for future generations.