Introducing the full range of RF MAX Products

ZCG would like to introduce the full range of RF MAX products.

The RF MAXbrand prides itself in supplying high quality components with robust, reliable construction in mind. RF MAX understands that installation should only happen once and maintenance kept to a minimum.

“Install once, maintenance at a minimum”

All components that have to face the harsh conditions of the Australian weather are designed and manufactured to resist the harsh UV environment Australia is well known for.

When looking for performance and reliability orientated installation accessories and antennas, RF MAX is the brand you will be wanting and requesting next time you have to install/upgrade your antenna or installation hardware.

RF MAX products are put under strict scrutiny by ZCG to ensure only the best for you the customer, to assist in hassle free installation, maintenance and service life.

ZCG offers the following RF MAX products, with the range growing so keep an eye out for new additions.

– Connectors & fittings

– Coaxial Cable

– On-Glass Antennas

– Low Profile AVL management antennas

– Data/Modem Antennas

– M.I.M.O. Panels

– Installation Accessories

The newest addition to the RF MAX catalogue are the ZD8Z-XP-716-MIMO & ZD8Z-XP-MIMO, which are purposely built for MIMO applications within the GSM, NextG, 4G and 3G frequency range with the added benefit of future proofing for the up-and-coming 700MHz addition to the cellular band.

The RF MAX brand, prides itself in supplying high quality, reliable products for all applications.