2021 January Newsletter

2021 is off and running

Firstly, I would like to welcome you all back for the 2021 new year. We hope you are feeling refreshed and recharged.

We here at ZCG used the annual End-of-Year break to spend well deserved time with family and friends.

Now that our entire team are all back on-board, we’re back into the full swing of manufacturing your RF solutions. We thought with a new year, we had better remind you of what makes ZCG stand-out from the competition.

Proudly Australian-owned and manufactured

With the world still in a topsy turvy feeling and unreliable logistics, domestically manufactured products are now more important than ever.

ZCG prides itself with a 15-working day manufacture timeframe on all our in-house items (we have information some competitors are taking 6-8 weeks to “manufacture”).

Our internal capability extends to CNC engineered sub-components, silver soldering and welding critical components, which results in a reliable, repeatable and controlled supply chain.

The ability of ZCG to manufacture as much product as possible within our Lindenow, Victoria manufacturing facility results in the ability to customise to your specific requirements no matter the quantity, installation requirements or termination giving you flexibility and reliability.

For enquiries contact our friendly sales team on +61 3 5157 1203 or email sales@zcg.com.au

Stockist of a wide range of RF accessories

Our range of RF accessories include coaxial cable (including our most popular RU400 (LMR-400™ equivalent), coaxial connectors & adaptorscoaxial lightning surge protectionmounting clamps & hardware.

We are a master of a lot, but not a manufacturer of everything, and for the items we don’t manufacture such as coaxial cable and connectors, our reliable suppliers have kept us stocked with coaxial cables, including some new additions in 2021, our RU240UF – equivalent to LMR-240-UF™ and our RU600 – equivalent to LMR-600™ – Times Microwave coaxial cable

If you’re unsure of our Part code/Part number of the coaxial cable. Click below to view our coaxial cable comparison help guide.

For our range of in-stock RF coaxial connectors, we could list them all below (we’ve listed a few), but that list would be rather a long one. The best place to see our ever expanding range of coaxial connectors and adaptors is our website.

Our range includes:
– N-type
– 7/16″ DIN
– Fakra

Don’t see your required coaxial termination on our website. Simply contact us directly via phone +61 3 5157 1203 or email directly to sales@zcg.com.au and our sales team will assist you with our solution.

Round or Square hole?

Yagi’s. Probably one of the most popular style of antenna used within the RF industry.
And the question always arises, why do we stock both round boom and square boom?

  • Our square boom Yagi’s ensure a true Vertical or Horizontal orientation without the use of a level or estimation-by-eye. Simply align the elements and dipole vertical or horizontal, tighten the clamp, connect your feeder cable and done! Added bonus – wind will not affect the orientation of your Yagi


  • Round boom Yagi’s suit installations where the mount pole isn’t quite vertical or horizontal (such as a tower leg). Use the round profile of the boom to rotate your Yagi into correct orientation, tighten the clamp, connect your feeder cable and done!

We hold the most common frequency ranges in-stock for immediate dispatch in UHF 400-700MHz or Mobile phone network capable. We also manufacture (in 15 working days of course) custom frequency and broadband dual dipole Yagi’s.

ZCG Product Price Rise

We here at ZCG have held off our yearly price rise to support our clientele through-out an unprecedent and tumultuous 2019 & 2020.

We will be implementing a product-wide price rise as of February 2021, due to cost of raw materials and general amenities increasing at alarming rates that ZCG can no longer absorb.

We thank you all for your on-going support.