Become a Distributor

ZCG welcome interest from any business who would like to become a Retail Dealer/stockist of our extensive range of Australian manufactured radio frequency antenna solutions and high quality RF accessories.

Our range of current ZCG stockist consist include:

  • Automotive Electricians
  • 4WD and Off-road specialist stores
  • Marine specialist suppliers/Retail stores
  • Communication specialist stores
  • Outdoor adventure retailers
  • Automotive Parts Suppliers
  • Online RF Components website/stores
  • RF installers and system maintenance

We invite you to contact our team of Consultants to introduce yourself and discuss establishing a business relationship.

Information we will require will include:

  • Business name/Trading name
  • Physical and delivery details of business – we cannot accept PO Box address’)
  • Contact details of major departments within the business including direct phone and email address – Accounts, Procurement, Sales
  • Companies A.B.N. –  Outside Australia businesses, please contact us directly.

ZCG will initiate your first order as a ‘payment prior to manufacture’. Subsequent orders can be set as a 30-day payment from invoice or can be kept as a ‘payment prior to manufacture’ depending on your requirements, T&C’s apply.

If you have an existing database of antennas that you currently/previously purchased, we can match these up with our range of solutions to make the ordering process simple.

Contact details

Australian made antennas for all conditions

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