Engineering Services

ZCG Engineering Services – Lindenow, Victoria, Australia

ZCG’s capabilities extend from just manufacturing high-quality RF solutions to our in-house capability for small-to-large custom engineering projects.

We have invested in our in-house engineering department and manufacturing facility to include modern computer controlled (CNC) machinery and equipment. As well as employing local certified fitters and turners, machinists as well as highly skilled certified welders to accomplish a wide range of custom requirements.

Our expanded engineering and warehouse capabilities allow quoting and production on small to high volume CNC Lathe, table routing, drilling or cutting runs. We have the capability for machining brass, aluminium, stainless steel,  a wide range of plastics and Teflon as well as other materials with a capacity to machine 6mm to 50mm stock. Quotes and pricing will be supplied inside 1-2 working days with firm lead times. Drawings must be provided for all projects.

Our available engineering equipment:

  • CNC Dual axis Lathes
  • CNC Dual motored Drill
  • CNC Precision High Speed Saw
  • CNC Routing Table – For plastic, wood or thin aluminium
  • TIG welding
  • MIG welding
  • Braizing/ Silver Soldering facility


Machine Shop
Machine Shop
Cutting Room

Australian made antennas for all conditions

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