UHF/CB Radio 40 & 80 Channel List

When operating a UHF CB Radio 477MHz, adhering to regulations is essential. The transmitter of a CB station has specific guidelines: it should not surpass 5 watts power, operate beyond an EIRP of 8.3 watts, or exceed a 16 kHz bandwidth. Safety features include an auto shut-down after 3 minutes of continuous operation. Moreover, receivers in a CB station must maintain conducted spurious emission below –57 dBm. Note: The utilisation of single-frequency store and forward repeaters is permissible.

The comprehensive PDFs provides both 40 and 80 channel options, each tailored for specific bandwidths, allowing users to choose based on their requirements. Whether you’re accessing the 40-channel list with a 25kHz channel width or the more extensive 80-channel list with a 12.5kHz channel width, it’s crucial to stay updated with the latest channel allocations and restrictions, as outlined by the Australian Government Legislation.


40 Channel List

80 Channel List



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